A Short Guide on Skills Assessment for Migration

A Short Guide on Skills Assessment for Migration

Skill assessments related documents are required when a person seeks a good job or likes to migrate to another country to settle there for varied reasons. While to settle in other country the person requires visa of the foreign country valid for at least couple of years. Thus, they need to fulfill many immigration formalities and one such required regulation is that the person should have done skilled assessment verified by designated authorities.

Know more in detail about skill assessment required for migration:

  • Your skills like academic success, your experience in your chosen job sector and other qualifications are verified by an organization. Their prime work is to assess whether you are qualified to work abroad. While every matter provided by you for assessment meets their criteria, then you are given valid point.
  • Higher points aid in getting your visa sanctioned at a faster pace. This helps greatly to help in applying for your permanent resident visa as well.
  • The procedure of skill assessment starts with you submitting certain documents. The whole process of verification totally depends upon the documents submitted by you while applying for visa.
    • You may submit the original certificate in other languages however needs to provide another copy translated in English. You can opt for English translations fees as well if you are unable to provide translated copies.
    • You need to provide passport size photographs of yours, required identity proofs, your qualification certificates, previous job detail and your work experience.
    • Need to provide your character certificate acknowledged by the local police authorities.
  • Other source of documents like your statement of service provided by your employer, with the Company official address and license code. The official letter will state your current employment status, statement of working abilities and of course your good will in office. Some skill assessment requires you to submit payment slip as well.
    • If you are self-employed, you need to provide your account statement with the acknowledgement of licensed accountant, business registration details, bank transaction details and some even like to have customer’s testimonials.
  • You can even produce other certificates specifying your skills in other field of activity or work as well. It greatly helps in seeking employment aboard as a greater number of qualification aids in knowing the hard efforts you are capable to do to enhance your productivity in future.

Every country has own rules to follow for document submission while you apply for migration visa. The individuals requiring Australian visa need not be afraid while unable to collect required documents. It is because there are many best skilled Australian immigration lawyer ready to help you anytime. You just need to log in to their website, https://myvisa.com.au.

The lawyers skilled in migration law are ready to help you while finding solution if your visa application is refused or you need cancelling of your visa. They are the best aid to be free from hassles and free from spending long hours in migration office. Sometimes their help is quite helpful for the process to move fast as the required documents are submitted on time.


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