3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Drapes

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Drapes

Drapes refer to the floor-length cloths that block out sunlight and peeking strangers. Since they’re ordinary objects, some may think nothing can go wrong when choosing one for their homes. But, everyone can still make mistakes if they’re not careful. Here are 3 errors to avoid.

Get Incorrect Dimensions

People sometimes buy drapes with incorrect dimensions. This happens when they don’t measure the area where they’ll put the cloth. It can look bulky if it’s too long or wide, and children and pets can accidentally step on it. Meanwhile, it won’t provide enough coverage and privacy if it’s excessively short or narrow.

To prevent this, homeowners should mark the location and measure it, starting from the top. They can choose if they want the cloth to end right above the floor or to pool on the surface for an elegant look. For the latter, they need to select a slightly longer design.

Pick Unsuitable Fabric

The fabric determines how aesthetically pleasing the drapes are, so it must be selected carefully. But, some choose one that doesn’t fit their home’s interior design. It shouldn’t clash with the paint, furniture, and textiles in the room.

Some also fail to realize that fabrics are directly linked to the durability of the drapes. If the room receives much sunlight, those with bright colors aren’t recommended because they tend to fade from the UV light faster. Homeowners should opt for darker ones instead. If they’re worried that dimmer shades won’t match their interior, choose neutral tones as they easily blend in.

Besides the color, people disregard the type of fabric sometimes. For instance, polyester is good for except the kitchen where there’s food and fire because it’s odor-absorbent and flammable. Meanwhile, linen gives off a tailored, sophisticated vibe, but it doesn’t block sunlight that much. Homeowners should research the qualities of each kind and determine which one is best for the area where they’ll be installed.

Forget Cleaning Options

Wise purchasers look at the cleaning options first. Many forget this once they see something that fits their interiors, which results in problems later on. For instance, people who don’t know the cloth is for dry clean only may put it in a washing machine, ruining it. To prevent this, they should check the fabric’s specifications. This also allows them to assess how much they’ll spend on maintenance.

Homeowners must take note of these mistakes and avoid them when buying pipe and drape kits or plastic stanchion posts. They should look for a shop with various options to ensure they’ll find one that matches their interiors, comes with accurate dimensions, and suits their needs.


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