Why Hire Google Ads Agency For Adwords Campaign Management?

Why Hire Google Ads Agency For Adwords Campaign Management?

In-house PPC campaign management is a cost-effective option for clients but there are limitations. Hiring an agency to navigate their Adwords account does not seem viable for many clients. Nevertheless, an agency has a deep insight, which the company doesn’t. This can be advantageous to the clients to get an edge.

Australian Internet Advertising Company is a Google Ad agency based in Sydney. They have been offering PPC and Adwords management services to every kind of Australian business. Check the valuable reasons to choose a Google advertising agency for your business.

Familiar with Adwords arena standards & norms

An experienced agency in your niche has an in-depth knowledge of the industry standards and norms. For example, they are familiar with the CPC ranges, the possible conversion rates, and how to make offers that convert, thus making your campaign successful.

It saves your time and effort in testing different things or figures out something right from scratch. You get assured that your account performance is managed appropriately because the agency offers the right references. Thus several trial and error stages get eliminated and significant time gets saved, which otherwise would have been impossible with in-house management as there is no reference framework available.

Beta testing prospects 

Agencies like AIA have dedicated Google representatives, so they get goodies that clients managing their accounts in-house are not offered. For Google, agencies are an enduring revenue source and it is easy for representatives to send the agency an email regarding the beta test and enroll five accounts.

You can grab this opportunity to test innovative methods, which your competitors have no excess to. You gain a good edge with solid results before the new method gets common.

The second opinion is always better

The same account management can lead the in-house team to overlook certain things. The team may feel that there is nothing extra to be done. Every possibility is covered. Generally, agencies have a competent team focused on your account that can help to bring an innovative and fresh perspective altogether.

This fresh perception can add some life in a stagnant situation and thus new growth paths can be carved. Besides agencies have wide industrial contacts, so they are well-informed about oncoming new opportunities or changes.

Tap a talent pool

In in-house campaign management, the employers may be good at handling bids and keywords but aspects like low conversion rate may bang the results. The employer is talented in media management but may not be so good at designing landing pages or create a CRO plan. You will need to look for professionals to perform such tasks. Soon, the in-house team will be juggling with multiple vendors for making every aspect work in synch.

On the other hand, an ad agency has a pool of talents that can handle the multiple nuances within Adwords. For example, eCommerce website owners need professionals equipped with 3rd party feed management for running their shopping ads. Software development firms need professionals that are familiar with 3rd party tracking platforms.

Hiring an agency is advantageous but make sure to partner with the right Google Adword management agency!


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