5 Key Qualities of an Excellent Project Manager

5 Key Qualities of an Excellent Project Manager

If you have an eye for detail and love keeping things organized, you’ll thrive in a career in project management. But, pushing for higher roles isn’t easy. You’ll have to overcome several challenges before getting a supervisory position. A part of that is improving your skills and traits, such as the following:


Before anything else, you must have the expertise and competence required for the job. Completing a degree in project management may not be necessary for employment, but having a relevant background gives you the edge. Enrolling in a program that trains you for the field equips you with technical skills and knowledge that make you effective at your role. These include working with special technology and software programs that increase the efficiency of tasks.

You may consider getting a master’s degree to further hone your skills. There are also several courses online that will help you stay up-to-date with industry trends.


Whether you’re a leader or a member of a project management team, recognizing your accountability in your tasks is necessary. This means that you should commit to fulfilling them and take responsibility when something goes wrong. This demonstrates that you have an excellent work ethic, which is essential for building trust and respect, not just with your clients, but also with the people working alongside you.


You’ll be coordinating with business leaders, cost analysts, and other types of people when you’re implementing a project, so it’s necessary to have superb interpersonal skills for a smooth collaboration. Whether personally or through digital means, communicating effectively with internal and external parties should be an asset.


The job can induce a great deal of stress when people disagree with you or you encounter logistical problems. And, when you’re overwhelmed, you may end up making rash decisions or straining your relationship with your team. So, it’s crucial to develop levelheadedness and see things from an objective perspective.


Being a good project manager doesn’t only mean that you’re decisive and specific with your plans. You should also be flexible when unforeseen circumstances prevent the success of your goals. Having this trait will allow you to focus on clear solutions to problems and ensure that the objectives are still ultimately met.

By honing these qualities and applying them to your job, you’ll soon reach your career goals. Who knows? Someday, you might be the head of a utility PMO.


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