3 Ways to Protect Your Vacation Property

3 Ways to Protect Your Vacation Property

Your vacation property is often empty throughout the year. Since you can’t be there to watch over your home, you take precautionary measures to make sure it’s secure. Read on to learn a few ways you can protect it.

Install a SecuritySystem

Modern technology has made it easier for you to keep an eye on your vacation property. Even if your lot is all the way across the country, you can find out if anything suspicious is happening througha security system. The most basic kind consists of CCTV cameras and door and window sensors. But, you can also add more components such as motion, glass-break, and even smoke detectors to further protect your home.

These will help you remotely find out whether there are unauthorized individuals in your home. You can connect the whole system to the internet to view real-time video footage on your computer or phone. The network will also let you know instantly if any of the sensors are triggered. Some types can even send information to the local authorities so they can pay a visit to the property and see if there’s anything wrong.

Secure All Entrances to Your Home

Make sure that all entrances to your vacation home aren’t easy to break into. In many cases, trespassing occurs because the owners leave their doors and windows unlocked. People can just waltz into a house. So, before you depart from the property after a holiday, check if everything is secure.

Make every effort to ensure your vacation home is hard to break into. You can even install special fixtures, such as steel security doors that are difficult to pry open. These have multi-point locking systems, and they can take a substantial amount of force, effectively keeping strangers out.

Sign Up for a Title Monitoring Service

In some cases, before people intrude on a property, they’ll commit home title fraud by stealing the deed to it first. This is often a result of identity theft. These individuals can pretend to be a certain person once they’ve taken their private details and filed legal documents concerning the vacation home. Using this method, they transfer the land to their name.

To prevent this from happening, you should always check the status of your property in local offices responsible for handling deeds. You can also sign up for a home title monitoring service to alert you if any suspicious legal documents have been filed against your lot.


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