All You Need to Know About the Various Ways to Use These Apothecary Jars

All You Need to Know About the Various Ways to Use These Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars can be found in almost every house. They are used for various reasons such as for entertainment purpose or as home décor. This is one versatile piece that can be placed at any corner of the house. So, here in this article, we are going to tell you all about these apothecary jars and their creative uses.

Apothecary is one of the oldest and traditional glass jars which have been used for many years. In the early years, it was being used by pharmacies or apothecaries before these plastic containers were invented. If you are looking for these apothecary jars for your place then you can try them from the sites of Aussie Candle Supplies who have a variety of jars available with them.

  1. Jewelry: You can organize your jewelry in these jars as it would look both stylish and beautiful when you place them on your vanity or a dressing table.
  2. Candy: You can arrange your candies in them and place them in your kitchen or dining room or even inside your kid’s room. It can be a great idea, especially for your small children.
  3. Fall pumpkins: When the autumn season is around, you would love to decorate your jars with some pumpkins of the season.
  4. Flowers: Flowers can also be a good option whether it is a fake one or a fresh flower. You can also add petals to these jars and choose any seasonal flowers as per your choice. These can be beautiful centerpieces for your dining room.
  5. Beachy items: Some also add some seashells or sand or even starfishes to these jars. You can place them in your bathroom or at covered porches if you have any.
  6. Pine cones: Pine cones are also a good idea. They go well for traditional spaces and would look good at any empty corners or some nook around the house.
  7. Christmas town: You will find many of them adding Christmas town in these jars just for fun.
  8. Bathroom essentials: You can also add those bathroom items like cotton, sponges and even Q-tips to these jars. This is one way to organize these items.
  9. Fruit: You will also find many jars filled with these fruits, especially those seasonal ones. They might add colours to your table.
  10. Craft items: Many people love to store these craft items in these jars like stickers, crinkle papers or even those buttons.
  11. Desserts: If you have those small ones, then you make your dinner party more memorable by serving desserts in those jars.
  12. Nail Polish: Many girls love to display their nail polish collection by adding them to these jars and placing them in their vanity.
  13. Snacks: Yummy snacks like chips, peanuts, cookies and many other snack items can be placed in these jars. This can be placed at that area where you can reach out to them easily when hungry.
  14. Coins: People who are fond of collecting coins can display their love for them by placing them in these jars. This can be the best place to safe keep them.

You can keep anything that you are fond of, just to keep them in safety and good condition.



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