The Advantages Of Using A Construction Lift

The Advantages Of Using A Construction Lift

When it comes to accessing high places for your project, you have two options: a lift or a ladder. A construction ladder provides mobility and flexibility, especially in tight quarters. For some applications, a lift may be preferable. They are more stable and safer than ladders.

Ladder Safety Concerns

Why do professionals choose ladders over lifts? Ladders pose some safety risks, including the following:

Ladders are prone to damage over time. While cracks and missing rungs are obvious, other issues may not be apparent until the ladder is weighed. Before using ladders, all workers should be trained to inspect them.

Concerns about stability: Ladders should be placed on flat, level, and dry surfaces. Workers may slip if the surface is slightly uneven.

Metal ladders near live wires or currents can easily conduct electricity, posing a safety risk.

Low weight: Ladders are not intended to transport heavy tools or bulky construction materials. They are also less heavy than lifts.

Human error: Workers on ladders can easily injure themselves if they reach too far, miss rungs, or descend with their backs to the rungs. When climbing or descending, workers should have at least one hand and both feet on the rungs. This can be made more difficult by crew members carrying items up and down the ladder.

Size considerations: Different sizes may be required for different purposes. Workers may be tempted to climb or stand on top of too-small ladders, which can feel unsafe and are not designed to support the weight.

Lifts Or Ladders: Which Is Safer?

Construction lifts are safer and more reliable than ladders in many applications. Construction lifts have numerous advantages, including:

Capacity Aerial lifts can support more weight than industrial ladders. Team members can safely load the lift with all of the tools and equipment required for the job.

Stability Aerial lifts are more stable than ladders because they are made of reinforced fiberglass or metal. The base of a lift is larger, which provides stability for the boom arm or extendable platform. Because a lift has a lower center of gravity than a ladder, it is less likely to tip over or fall.

Workers can easily move between different areas and heights of a site by simply pressing a button. Crew members will need to manually lift and lower ladders to move them to a new location. This additional work can lead to fatigue and increase the likelihood of an accident on the job.

Flexibility: A single lift can reach workers at various heights. To reach different areas, you may need a variety of ladder sizes. To reach the desired area, you can adjust the height of the lift. Lifts can also precisely adjust the height, unlike extension ladders, which require a steady wall to balance.

Fall protection: Harnesses and lanyards are used to secure workers to the platform of a construction lift. This reduces the likelihood of falling. A ladder cannot provide the same level of protection as a platform with a larger platform.

High reach: Lifts allow workers to reach the exact area they need without having to move. Lifts are great for getting your crew in the best position possible, whether they’re cleaning windows or repairing power lines.

How To Select The Best Lift For Your Project

There are numerous lifts available for your project. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best lift for your business.

Source of power Electric lifts are quieter than diesel lifts and emit fewer pollutants, making them ideal for indoor use. The operation of diesel lifts is less expensive.

Type of Movement Considers whether you require lifting and lowering equipment or a boom lift that can move vertically and horizontally. A 360-degree rotation is possible with an articulating boom lift.

Consider the area where you intend to store your equipment. Outdoor lifts must be built to withstand the elements. Indoor lifts should be small enough to fit through loading doors and other restricted areas.

Weight capacity Consider how much your team and its equipment will weigh. Make certain that the lift can carry more than this amount. If you need an aerial lift that can carry a lot of weight, a rough terrain forklift is a good option.

Many lifts include safety features such as places for workers to attach a harness to prevent falls.

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