Types Of Roof Racks: Baskets Vs Platforms

Types Of Roof Racks: Baskets Vs Platforms

We forget to consider how much space we have when we pack our cars and set out. Instead, we stuff everything in the back of our car. You’ll always have the bag, the toy for the kids, or the things you forgot. Extra storage space is always a plus, especially when you are going on longer trips or for a few days camping. What are your options? If you have never hauled a trailer before, it might seem uncomfortable. It is safer to have a roof rack installed on your vehicle. This will give passengers more breathing space and allows you to carry the trailer safely.

Comparison Of Platforms And Baskets

Roof racks come in two basic forms: flat platforms and roof baskets. You can choose from a variety of sizes that will fit any roof, regardless of whether you drive a large 4WD or a small hatchback. There are many options, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any doubts about which roof rack is best for you.


The platforms fit flush onto the crossbars which hold them in place on top of the roof. These platforms are ideal for carrying larger items like kayaks and canoes, without having to be obstructed by additional rails. Our roof plant platform made from durable, maintenance-free walkway components to provide a safe working space in high places. We can design, build, and install platforms to your specifications. Our platforms match their walkway systems, ensuring safety compliance.


A roof basket to hold s and a Le smaller items like tires or bags, or any other item that could be thrown around if it is not properly tied down. Baskets are available in a mesh style with side rails. This allows you to organize the smaller items better and prevents them from falling to the sides.

What To Look For In Baskets And Platforms


You can find the right platform for your car depending on the size of the basket or platform. If you don’t need to transport large items or have a smaller footprint, you can opt for smaller racks.

Capacity For Weight

Platforms and roof baskets for sale are light storage options that can carry more weight than your roof. Before installing any roof rack, check your vehicle manual to determine the recommended roof weight.


Roof platforms and roof baskets can be made of lightweight aluminum or steel alloys. Steel is the most durable, but it is also heavier. Additional coatings protect against corrosion and rain. All mounts, brackets, bolts, and nuts included in the kit, which includes everything needed to attach the rack, will last many years regardless of weather or driving conditions.

Vehicle Compatibility

Consider the size and weight of your load when buying a roof rack. Is everything possible to fit on the roof rack and your vehicle? Universal racks can be used on all 4WDs. This is great if you plan to change your vehicle in the future. You can also find platforms and baskets that will fit your specific make and model.

Mounting And Installation

Roof baskets are sold in kits so that you can easily install them. To attach the rack to your vehicle’s roof, you will need crossbars or roof rails depending on what type of roof it is. Alternatively, you can attach the rack to cars with roof platforms, baskets, or channels. This will give you a tighter fit. While most cars come with pre-drilled mounting points, some vehicles may need additional drilling to ensure the best fit.


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