All You Need to Learn About 3D Product Configurators

All You Need to Learn About 3D Product Configurators

The interactive tool a 3D product configurator allows potential customers to view your products from all angles and modify colors, textures, and other components.

1. Customers will reap the benefits

An online 3D product configurator enriches your customers’ experience. It offers all the advantages of 3D. Customers can interact in real-time with a product, move it around, zoom in and zoom out, as well as view it from every angle.

Potential customers can see the product in detail, understand how complex products work, and explore how it is made.

It’s the best tool to allow customization in an interactive way that is instantaneous and immediate. Potential customers can customize products to meet their specific needs.

Users can also use 3d configurator to make faster and better decisions. This is a totally different approach that puts customer interaction at the forefront. Instead of promoting a particular style, color or design, let your customers create their own product. You can make the experience even more immersive by allowing customers to view your products in augmented or virtual reality.

2. Your company will reap the benefits

Conversion rates are increased by 3D configurators

Through increasing the quality of leads

We have seen a significant improvement in the quality of leads from all our clients. 3D configurators educate in a fun way. Prospects learn about the product and its unique characteristics through the configuration process.

Many customers have spent 30-40 minutes exploring multiple products and using a 3D configurator.

Reduce your sales cycle

A 3D product configurator can transform your sales process. Sales teams can communicate with educated prospects without having to answer simple questions about your product.

A configurator can be configured to allow you to create a PDF version of a product configuration that prospects can email directly to a salesperson. This is a great tool for complex products. The PDF version of the configuration is sent to the sales team. They then need to place the order using the 3D configurator. This allows them to know what the customer is looking for, which simplifies the sales process.

A 3D product configurator can reduce the stress on your sales team and be a time-saver.

Sales can be increased by increasing their sales

Our clients have noticed the greatest benefit from implementing a 3D configurator increased sales.

It is easy to build a configurator that will boost sales using core features (animated, annotations, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), combined with some simple additions to our powerful viewer API. This allows customers to make quick informed decisions based upon real-time price display, strong calls to action, and direct contact with a sales representative.

Stock levels can be reduced

Some companies have increased their product lines to meet the increasing demand for customization and personalization. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in their production costs, logistics, storage, and shipping costs.

A simple 3D configurator allows you to respond to custom product request as they are received by customers, and avoid the production of unsold stock.

Product returns can be reduced

A 3D configurator, as mentioned above allows you to view a physical object from every angle and customize it.

Customers can see what they’re buying. This increases customer confidence and reduces cart abandonment. AR and VR allow customers to “try it out” the product.

A 3D configurator provides more information than stats. It allows you to understand how products work, what materials are used, and how they fit together.

How do 3D-configurators work?

A 3D product configured connects to websites as an extension on product pages. Businesses can then add 3D images, including individual features, to their entire inventories.

On the front-end of the website, users can modify products or interact with 3D visuals through zooming in or rotating. Customers can view pricing information via CPQ. Customers can complete the order and then close it from the product page.


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