Misconceptions about CBD and Its Usage

Misconceptions about CBD and Its Usage

CBD is quite popular all around the world. Thanks to its health-related benefits, but what comes along with it, are some negative things about it. For example the legal questions of taking this supplement. So, let us look at some misconceptions that we need to clear.

CBD makes you high – CBD is not extracted from marijuana, hence it has just 0.3% of THC in it. It is completely safe and doesn’t cause any high effect. In fact, it can counteract the psych activity which can be caused by THC.

CBD is extracted from marijuana – CBD can be extracted from marijuana, but this is not legal in many states. So, most CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, which is also part of the cannabis plant. Hence, it is completely safe. In fact, hemp is being used by humans for around 10,000 years now and it is grown in multiple places around the world. It is eco-friendly and highly sustainable.

CBD oil can be used by adults only – CBD is said to be the same as marijuana and that is the reason people feel it is safe for adults only. The reality is CBD has shown improvement for children with epilepsy. In fact, no evidence shows that it has caused any harm to children either mentally or physically. In fact many pediatricians also recommend use of gummies CBD for various ailments.

CBD oil is illegal – In the United States, CBD which is derived from the hemp plant is completely legal as per the Farm bill signed in December 2018. So now CBD can be bought from pharmacies or even online stores all legally. There is an online store named Just CBD store, which has all the natural products made from CBD including, CBD oil, CBD capsules, vegan CBD gummies, and many more.

You will get addicted to CBD – No not at all it will help to reduce the addiction which is caused by many pain management medicines without being addictive itself.

CBD is sedating: – No, it’s not. People who have used it find it relaxing. Therefore, it is a misconception. There are certain products in the market, which has THC content in them along with CBD, which can be sedating. However, CBD is now being used for anxiety too. We all know that anxiety relief and sedation are not the same.

It is said that the more CBD the better effect – This is incorrect. CBD needs to be consumed in proper serves recommended for an individual. So, it varies from person to person and therefore you cannot use the same amount of CBD for everyone. It all depends on the factors like the person’s metabolism, height, weight, age, and health status. Also, if using full-spectrum CBD then it can work well with lower dosage too.

Lastly getting CBD from the right source is very important to have those effects on your body. Make sure you do proper research before you buy CBD from any unknown source. Also, third-party testing is important when you buy this product.



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