Read This to Get A Few Design Tips for Designing Your Office Reception Area

Read This to Get A Few Design Tips for Designing Your Office Reception Area

Nowadays the success of your business will depend to a great extent on how you have designed your office workspace. Of course, the design and layout of your office space are very important, but you cannot afford to neglect one very important part of the office design – that is your office reception area.

Your visitors will wait for quite some time while visiting your office and during that moment they will size up your company. Therefore, you need to ensure that the first impression that can be generated on your clients must be welcoming and also professional.

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Here are a few tips to design your reception area so that the first impression generated by it should be simply great.

  • Pay Attention to the average how many people visiting

Firstly, you need to know what the usual traffic in the reception area is, and based on that, you need to consider the number of seating spaces for them.

  • Fill by installing the right furniture

Your reception area must have a sufficient number of furniture so that people who need to wait for some time must be comfortably placed.

  • Choose colors very carefully

The reception area must look very attractive and color plays a very big role in creating a proper environment. You must select such color so that people get a sense of serenity and peace during the period of their waiting.

  • Set the mood by using proper lighting

By adjusting the lights in the reception area will enhance the visitor’s comfort and also set the right mood. By using soft, bright light you can create a calming sense and increase the appeal of various items on display,

  • Pay attention to décor

By offering a personal touch, you can easily bring the whole area of reception together. Prefer a functional and also stylish coat at the door, few potted plants, or a proper area rug.

  • Technology

Sitting for a long time may bore your visitors, so provide an open Wi-Fi facility in your reception area, so that visitors can check their email or a WhatsApp message.

  • Accessories

Add a few racks and hangers so that people can hang their overcoats. Also keeping a coffee table can be a nice idea.

  • Stylish office furniture

Make sure that you install a few attractive looking and modern furniture around the reception area besides just sitting place.

  • Offer good service

Ensure you place a welcoming receptionist who may greet people with a smile and also can offer a few drinks or any other necessary things for the visitors on demand.

  • Supportive ergonomic seating

Make sure that all seating furniture is ergonomically designed.

The best way of checking your reception waiting area will be to simply try to put yourself in the same shoes that your visitors will be in and then document your experience from time to time regularly.


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