Guide On How To Consume Your Dose Of CBD

Guide On How To Consume Your Dose Of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is used for a wide variety of health ailments. Its efficacy is scientifically proved in treating epilepsy. So, many studies are promising that CBD is beneficial in treating anxiety, stress management, sleep management, heart conditions, migraine, pain and inflammation, and even in reducing the symptoms of cancer.

If you decide to try CBD, you need to find a genuine company that provides third-party tested CBD products. Since there are no strict regulations on CBD products, you may not know what you get from your CBD. At Just CBD Stores you can buy all kinds of high-quality genuine CBD products that are derived from locally sourced hemp crops.

Now that you have decided to incorporate CBD in your routine, you may wonder how to consume and how much to consume. This article gives you guidance on different ways of consuming CBD and finding your optimal dosage.

Oral Ingestion

CBD products are available in different forms like tinctures, oil, capsules, vapes, gummies, cookies and other edibles. Ingesting your CBD orally is the easiest and safest method to start. You can track your dosage easily since the soft-gel capsules and pills come in pre-measured sizes. You can swish them down as a normal capsule.

CBD edibles like gummies are a delicious way of ingesting CBD in your daily life. You will get different flavors and shapes in these small, tasty morsels. There are a wide variety of edibles available in the market and CBD can be infused in almost any edibles including coffee.

Edible forms of CBD will take around 45 minutes to get absorbed in your body. So, you will have to wait and see the result. You can increase or decrease your dose depending on your need.

Sublingual Method

CBD tinctures or oil can be taken sublingually to get more bioavailability. They come with a dropper that helps you squeeze out the desired dosage. You will have to place CBD tincture under your tongue and hold for ninety seconds then swallow them. CBD’s active ingredients will get absorbed by mucus membrane in the mouth.

The main advantage of sublingual method is, it bypasses the digestive system and metabolization thus facilitating quick absorption into the bloodstream.


If you are suffering from joint pains, muscle aches or skin issues CBD topicals will be beneficial to alleviate the pain, itchiness etc. These topicals when applied on the target area works quickly by interacting with the cells on the surface.

You can also incorporate CBD topicals for your daily skin routine. CBD topicals are available in many forms like, cream, lotions, bath care products, shampoos and much more.

Inhalation Option

Another method of taking CBD is inhaling. A vaporizer is used to heat the CBD’s active components without creating harmful byproducts. In this method, CBD enters your lung directly and only lesser amount of CBD is lost compared to ingestion method. You can use portable pens or plug-in powered units to vaporize CBD e-liquid.

From these options available, you can choose a method of consumption that suits your lifestyle and health needs.

Regarding the dosage, it differs for every person depending on their age and health conditions. To be on the safer side, always start with a lower dosage and adjust according to your need.


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