A Concrete Sealer Provides the Final Touch

A Concrete Sealer Provides the Final Touch

All homeowners need to perform regular maintenance on their homes to keep them in top shape. Any concrete surface that is out of doors can take a terrible beating over the course of a year, be it a patio, driveway or walkway, and will develop cracks due to the expansion and contraction of the ground surrounding the concrete. Additionally, any heavily-used space like a driveway or patio can suffer from grease stains, acid spills, or food stains. Once you fill in the cracks in the existing concrete, there is one more step you should take to protect the surface from future wear and tear, with the application of a concrete floor sealer.

What Are the Benefits?

A concrete floor sealer provides a water resistant clear acrylic copolymer coating that dries to a semi-gloss finish. It locks out grease, salts, and acids while improving water resistance and making your surface impervious to any future stains. More importantly, it is easy to apply with a roller on a long handle, so there’s no need to hire a professional. Check with the dealer to make certain you are buying the right product for your job requirements.

How to Apply the Sealer

You want to protect your driveway, walkways, garage floors, patio pavers, bricks, and masonry with one sealer product, which should be applied when the temperature is above fifty degrees for more than 24 hours and there is no chance of rain for at least 24 hours after you do the work. Clean the area to be covered with a pressure wash, and allow it to dry completely. Apply the product with a roller and allow it to dry. Except in extremely humid conditions, the sealer should be dry to the touch in about an hour, but leave it uncovered for at least 24 hours.

Are There Other Uses?

One of the main reasons for cracks developing in concrete is an improper pour of the concrete, where the top and bottom dry out at different rates. You can mitigate this possibility by using a concrete floor sealer as a curing agent. Between four to six hours after new concrete is poured and had begun to set up, apply two coats of sealer at right angles to each other. This application will help with the curing process so you can avoid future cracks. These are a few reasons to add to your summer to-do list the application of a concrete floor sealer



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